Wordpress to the Cloud

Time to migrate your WordPress website to the cloud

There are multiple reasons to consider migrating your existing website to cloud-based hosting, starting from performance ( increased speed and versatility) to security and the ability to monitor and get more insights than your traditional web host can offer.

Not surprisingly, hosting providers themselves are migrating their data centers to the cloud, and take advantage of the increased speed by bumping their own packages offered to clients.

In our opinion, it is more beneficial for an organization to create and manage its own cloud domain, with the minimum assistance from third-party provider. In this way, you retain control over your cloud identity and the freedom to integrate additional services and applications on the way, plus maintain full control over the confidentiality of your data.

All three major cloud providers (AWS, Google Cloud and Azure) are currently offering WordPress applications through their Marketplace, starting from $0/mt. The setup is easy, usually just with a few clicks of a button. If you’re looking for a solution with access to the backend of the website, you’re covered also, just search for Cpanel.

A company that decides to move its website to the cloud has the ability to create a cloud identity and manage its own identity with minimal overhead.

Better Security and faster Server

Here are just a few of the advantages of running your own WordPress website:

  • Increased page speed and ease in working with video and other large resources.
  • Perfect for medium to large organizations managing multiple users.
  • Less costly than traditional web hosting plans with comparable performance.
  • Increased security and better control over users and company data.

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