Web hosting in the cloud

Cloud web hosting with AWS, GCP and Azure

Unlike your traditional web provider, managing your own web hosting solution can be easy, and has several advantage

  • Customize your own resources, based on use
  • Manage your storage
  • Chose your own regions for speed
  • Reduced costs for similar-type resources
web hosting in the cloud

With a cloud migration, you can start enjoying a host of benefits


Migrations of existing websites are assessed and done fast, with minimum interruption.


Monthly reports on resource allocation with additional security.

Speed and SEO

Additional reports on SEO and user analytics can be customized.

cloud firewall

Security Firewall

Perhaps the greatest advantage a cloud hosting solution offers is the peace of mind offered by the fact that your website is protected by the same security platform that protects the enterprise infrastructure.

Lightning Speed

The average speed increase from a traditional web hosting provider to a cloud provider is double.

With cloud hosting comes the ability to run self-hosted video content, without the need to subscribe to an additional video solution.

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