Cloud Security

Cloud security will be the focus in the coming year

Securing data in public cloud will be the focus next year, according to a recent report by Forrester.

While all providers offer solid frameworks for accessing data, based on access control, permissions and policies, cloud workload security (CWS) has become a concern, due to fragmentation of solutions in microservices, over the last years.

Thus, security gateways, encryption, threat intelligence and endpoint security, are taking precedence in tackling the challenges posed by a more virtualized cyberspace.

This year, Microsoft has announced Azure Sentinel as a threat detection and monitoring managed security service, which went into general availability in September. Google also has put in place place a similar platform, Security and Command Center (SCC), for its cloud services, and recently announced OpenTitan, an open source silicon root of trust (RoT) project designed to provide guidelines for data center server, storage and peripheral security.

SecOps teams are inundated with a very high volume of alerts and spend far too much time on tasks like infrastructure setup and maintenance. As a result, many legitimate threats go unnoticed. (Eliav Levi, director of product management at Microsoft)

AWS is also expected to announce a revamp its security platform GuardDuty, at the upcoming re:Invent 2019

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